Chaos Trigger Promotions was founded in 2015.

I started this incredible journey by chance. I was unemployed, had a broken leg, and was healing on the couch listening to music, when I stumbled across a hidden gem. A metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden named “Despite” and the first song I heard was “Chaos Trigger” and it filled my ears with music and energy that I hadn’t felt or heard in a long time!

I had to reach out to them and let them know that I loved their unique sound, and that I wanted to help spread the word about them. I was exited when the lead singer Peter Tuthill responded to me on Twitter and asked me to be their street team leader for California. I was inspired to help them “Share The Metal” so I began promoting them vigorously on social medias.

With a lot of hard work, I became administrator and recruiter for their street team leaders worldwide. I felt so energized, I wanted to help them more and more! I started to send promo kits to record labels, getting them airplay on the radio, and successfully had them added to Pandora Radio. I felt I was going in the right direction with Despite and found a new purpose in life! I was thankful and honored when Despite put their trust in me and made me their manager.

The next┬ástep was to help them succeed in their goal of global domination by getting them signed which I did with Eclipse Records in 2016! Since then, Despite has released their full length album SYNERGI which has received incredible reviews and their song “AS YOU BLEED” spent 13 weeks on SirusXM Liquid Metal’s “Devil’s Dozen” reaching as high as number 3! We are working on a US tour for 2017 and have big things in the works for the future!

I have chosen to name my company “Chaos Trigger Promotions” in recognition of the Despite family that inspired me to follow my dreams and start my new career helping others reach theirs!

– James Brennan